Ingredient Sourcing

A Locavore Approach

We strive to source ingredients from our own culinary garden and area farms. Here are a few of the farms/ growers/ bee keepers/ orchards/ markets in our area we are grateful to access for fresh local goodness.

Jake and Scout's Berry Farm - Lakeshore, MN

Patchwork Farms -  Nisswa, MN

Wallins' Berry Farm - Nisswa, MN

Stoney Creek Dairy - Melrose, MN

Waller's Ardith Farm - Hillman, MN

Scripture's Honey - Motley, MN

Nisswa Farmers Market - Nisswa, MN

Sprout Makers Marketplace - Little Falls, MN

What about the Chocolate??

Chocolate makers are cultivating neighborly relationships with cocoa farmers around the world, applying the "eat local" community building approach to a global market. Chocolate makers often visit countries and farms of origin to keep in touch with the growers. We are grateful to have access to this type of food supply chain and our chocolate is sourced from businesses who engage in direct and fair trade. If you have any specific questions about our chocolate sourcing or ingredients in general please contact me at Food growing and sourcing is one of my favorite topics!


Our chocolates are naturally without gluten, and we have chosen to refrain from bringng gluten containing products into our kitchen. We source chocolate, seeds and pecans from facilities that use peanuts and treenuts in other products- particle contamination is possible. We use peanut butter in our peanut butter bites. Our products contain dairy (butter, milk, cream) soy (soy lecithin is common as an emulsifier in chocolate), and sometimes egg (used in our candied flower garnishes). If you have questions or requests regarding allergens please contact me.