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Shipping & Chocolate Care

We want your chocolates to arrive happily at your doorstep and do the best we can to ensure that happens. We currently do not ship during June, July and August.

  • ​Please plan your order accordingly and add thermal protection (reusable cold pack and thermal wrap) if your shipping destination is expected to reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We are not able to refund or exchange due to damage that has occurred during shipping, once the product has left our hands.
  • Please ensure the shipping address is correct, the package can be accepted upon first attempt so it's not returned to the carrier, and that the package is not exposed to the elements when delivered. We can't guarantee that your chocolate will arrive unmelted, particularly in very warm climates or if the package sits on a hot doorstep all day, but it will cut the risk of melting.
  • If you've selected "Pick Up" as your shipping option, we will email you when your order is ready for pickup.