Hi, I’m Katie, chocolatier and small business builder.

I go by Kate too - call me either. I am leaving my 20’s and starting my 30’s with a life I could have never imagined.

The thing I am most passionate in life for is learning and sharing a life of stewardship. Time spent in nature and my precious little family light me up. I want to be the best steward I can be for all these things as well to my local community. I love to garden and get my hands dirty with my girls or mountain biking with my hunny. 

I'm serving my world by creating gifts to share-infused with local ingredients, flowers and of course lots of love (if you’ve experienced food growing and preservation you know some of those tedious tasks are a total labor of love...).

Most summer days you can find me around our yard checking my plants or harvesting with my girls. Winter draws us in, which is quite timely for holiday chocolate making. 

My chocolate dreams are rooted in family entrepreneurial tradition and the encouragement of my village to pursue the unlikely. My vision is to further the live and eat local movement in my community with a very popular bean (the cocoa bean). Thankfully there are many honest chocolate makers building neighborly relationships with cocoa farmers around the world so I don't feel like I am "cheating" locavore living too much with my tropical ingredients. I am not a purist... yet. 😊😊  Check out our sourcing page to get a feel for the farms and businesses we work with.

Find chocolates at our local retail partners and in kitchen workshops.

Thanks for stopping by!❤️-Katie

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